Market 24 Hours

Jagalchi Market Time Essay


Busy fishing boats slicing through the sea at dawn. They dragged along the fresh sea onto Jagalchi.


The loud voice of an auctioneer welcomes the morning as the Jagalchi. People send busy signs toward fresh seafood.


The hearts of the fishwives of Jagalchi are full just as their water tanks are full. After spending time busily preparing to welcome guests, they fill their empty stomach with today’s reviving spirits.


They feel more excited when the first guest visits at an earlier time than usual. They call passers-by one more time to see these wonderful fish.


Their chopping becomes more rapid as the pot becomes hot. It’s time for lunch, time to show off Jagalchi’s tastes and attractions to the visitors.


It’s time for the red sun to set, bidding farewell to the day. With visitors who want to be imbued with the scent of the evening sea, Jagalchi is filled with excitement once again.


On empty dishes are stories, piled up with joy and sorrow. The night at Jagalchi grows deeper.


Some wrap up the day’s work while others start the day’s work. Thus, Jagalchi is bright and full of life day long.


To make the morning at Jagalchi Market fresher, Beads of sweat appear on the fishwives’ foreheads even at dawn. The place that never sleeps, brimming with the scent of life and people,this is Jagalchi Market.