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a first-floor guide

On the 1st floor of Jagalchi Market, you will enter a whole new world. Full of the vitality of the sea, this place makes you feel as if you were in an aquarium where you can meet every sea creature. The fresh seafood available in such a pleasant place and the energetic fishwives of Jagalchi are in harmony together, making it a world class fishery market. You can buy and bring fresh seafood with you or eat directly at the restaurant located on the 2nd floor.
Jagalchi fishwives, who are proud of selling fresh seafood, welcome customers by saying “come, see, buy” in a friendly Busan dialect. They are the true experts of seafood as well as the witnesses of history and tradition of all that has happened at Jagalchi Market.
Behind the building near the sea is the water amenity space. Enjoy the beautiful scenes of Yeongdo and South Port and refresh yourself with the cool sea breeze.

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  • (주)자갈치전복[115]

    연체류, 패류, 갑각류

    TEL : 245-7500 Nearby gate : Gate4
  • 34번수산[121]

    TEL : 010-3855-9343 Nearby gate : Gate3
  • 가덕도상회[220]

    활어, 장어, 갑각류

    TEL : 246-8751 Nearby gate : Gate5
  • 가야상회[92]

    활어, 갑각류

    TEL : 253-4310 Nearby gate : Gate2
  • 거제상회[39]


    TEL : 255-4191 Nearby gate : Gate1
  • 거제상회[190]

    TEL : 255-3970 Nearby gate : Gate중앙
  • 경북상회[162]

    활어, 연체류,

    TEL : 245-3159 Nearby gate : Gate4
  • 경북상회[219]

    TEL : 246-8751 Nearby gate : Gate5
  • 경산상회[195]

    활어, 장어, 연체류, 패류,

    TEL : 243-2030 Nearby gate : Gate5
  • 경조상회[237]


    TEL : 246-3894 Nearby gate : Gate6
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